Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

     It's hard to believe that another year has gone by.  My Grandma always said that the older you get, the faster time goes by.  I thought she was crazy saying that when I was a kid, but she sure knew what she was talking about. 
     I have always thought that with the new year, it's a time to reflect on the past year.  You know, the where we are in our lives type thing.  What have I done's, the where have I been's.  With reflection on these is where our resolutions should come into play.  After this reflection on the past year, I find myself sometimes in a creative rut.  Looking back in the last year, I think that's where I have been.  When my friend Carol told my Iowa Quilter's group about the new 2012 Scrap Squad search, I thought, who would want to see my quilts?  I'm still a relative rookie in the quilt world.  But I have always been up for a challenge.  My hubby has long known how to get me to do something that he wants me to do, just by issuing a challenge in reverse pyschology.  "You'd never do anything like that!"  It took me years to figure out that's what he was doing!  Smart guy!!!!  So the Scrap Squad is one way that I'm going to break that creative rut. 
     My resolution this year for breaking out is to learn landscape quilting.  I bought the book on the how to's and have played some with the technique, but now is the time to go for it.  I find myself in the car looking at the way trees grow, the horizon, shadows etc and see them in a whole different way.  I love looking at photographs and there is something calling to me in them.  For me, it's soooo out of my element.  My elementary school was small growing up and the most we got from art class was coloring.  My high school wasn't much better.  I went to an all girls catholic school (that's right, all girls!!) and the sisters thought that we should be spending our time learning to be leaders in the world (they were the orginal women's libbers), so art classes were not a priority.  Consequently, I never learned to draw and spacial elements.  Well, OK, I can draw a mean stick man!  So, for my resolution, landscape quilting it is.  Sometime in this year, I will make my first real landscape quilt.
     My second resolution is to master feathers.  I LOVE FEATHERS!!!  There is something so graceful about them.  Again I have bought the book and have played, but yet to add them to my quilts.  Well, I'm about to accomplish my feathers.  My first Scrap Squad quilt is underway and I will do feathers on it.  YIKES!!!  So when I post my pictures on here in another month, the first of my resolutions will be accomplished.
     My challenge for the new year to anyone reading this, is to exam where you have been in the last year and then challenge yourself to be a better you.  Whether it's the old stand by of losing weight, quiting smoking, jumping out of an airplane or breaking your own creative rut, it's a new year and time to be a new you.
Practice makes perfect!  And I'll be ready soon to add feathers to  my quilts!!!


  1. Feathers and a landscape quilt? Man Melzee I think you live by the motto "Go big or don't go at all" More power to you it will be fun to watch the journey.

  2. I think feathers on your landscape quilt will be awesome! (Better than a stick man on your landscape quilt!!!!!! lol)
    I'm so proud of your resolutions...but now you have me reflecting on what I should do to break out of my rut! ;^) Maybe I should follow Deb S.'s advice and just try to "CONTAIN" my fabric!!!! lol
    Good luck with your SS quilt AND your feathering, Melzee! I am really anxious to see your finished quilt! :)

  3. You go girl! I can't wait to see the feathers... you inspire me....