Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well here is the final steps and the results.  Before I go on with that, I have to say that I was quite surprised and happy with the final results.  There was some apprehension on my part after I got all the dye on the snow.  Even before I rinsed and washed the fabric, I was more than a little worried that this may have been a failed experiment.  But here are the final steps and the end result.......

Alright, fast forward to 3 hours after the dye has been applied to the snow and fabric.  I had to take a sneak peek to see what was going on.  Here are a couple of comparison pictures of when the dye was applied and how different it looked just 3 hours later.
Right after the dye was applied to the snow and fabric

3 hours after the dye was applied
 Big difference, right??  Now we're going to fast forward to 3 more hours after that.  That's 6 hours after the dye was first applied.  Put your gloves back on and flip your fabric so that the snow is all on your tulle and the fabric is on top.  Shake as much snow off as you can and move your fabric to a bucket.

Here's the fabric after "the flip"  Color is still pretty intense

  I moved my fabric into the house here and used the kitchen sink.  If you have a laundry sink, that would be even better or you could just leave it in the bucket, but that would be a lot more work!  Using cool water rinse the fabric.  After a couple of cool rinses, there should be less and less color bleeding.  When there is very little color showing in the rinse water, now it's time to wash.  In warm water use some gentle liquid dishsoap and wash the fabric.  Again I did this by hand in the sink and then rinse in the warm water.

Rinsing in the sink.  Colors are STILL intense!  YIKES!!
 Now the fabric has been rinsed several times, washed and rinsed.  For the FINAL step, I moved my fabric to the washer.  Use the hot wash/warm rinse cycle and a textile soap like Synthrapol (it came in my kit with the dyes that I ordered).  The directions said just a 1/4 teaspoon or use the liquid dish soap again.  Wash and dry and viola, it's finally done.  Are you "dyeing" to see the final results????  Big difference-

As you can see, the colors are a lot more subtle than even when it went into the washer.  The green ended up actually more of a gold color and the red became more of a pinky/burgandy/brown.  The tangerine stayed more in the orange family and was anywhere from a very pale salmon to the more intense orange.  There is some wonderful variations of color.  
Now I have to ask myself, is there anything that I would do different next time?  Not really because the result will be different every time.  Just have fun and play.  
It's winter and it's Iowa.  The combination of the 2 means snow.  Might as well put the stuff to "work" for me until spring comes!  Let me know if anyone has done this or if you try it.  Would LOVE to see the results. 


  1. Wow...that turned out really great. I've never tried dying my own fabric. Hugs

  2. Turned out pretty Melzee, and orange is the "in color for 2012". Good Job.