Monday, March 12, 2012


Have you ever been in a match of wits with a quilt?  Well I am in the middle of my second Scrap Squad quilt and having that problem.  Now I have to say that it's not the quilts fault.  So that leaves me to blame.  Sometimes you just have to walk away and do something for a while that is different and hopefully will give you either a break or a fresh perspective when you return. 

The March 2012 issue of American Quilter had an awesome article called Flower Photo to Fabulous Art Quilt by Melinda Bula.  After seeing the gorgous quilt in there, it immediately went to the head of my bucket list and provided me with the disctraction that I sorely needed. 

How fun is it to take a photo of something as beautiful as an orchid and create a quilt!  And it really isn't hard at all.  The directions in this article are excellent and with a bit of patience, the results are great.  This a quilt that I am going to HAVE to do a few more hundred times!  

I have said before, that I can't draw to save my skin, but this is the next best thing to it.  I learned a lot about perspective and shadows and I know that the next one will be even easier.  Here is a my quilt before framing with the original photo.
Looks pretty darned close, doesn't it?

In one of my past blogs, I talked a bit about framing my small quilts.  You may not know that I'm a bargain shopper.  The frame and mat cost me $9.00 for this orchid.  Check your Sunday paper for coupons at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  Last week the frames were 50% off and the precut mat was my coupon purchase.  And it really finishes the quilt!  And best of all, you don't have to bind it!  What a bonus!

Well, so much for my distraction.  Back to my quilt wrestling!