Monday, October 15, 2012

I must be a real quilter now!

Currently I'm working on our last 2 Scrap Squad quilts, so I can't post any pictures of those right now.  But as I have been cutting and sewing on both of them, I realize how many projects I have "in progress".  I used to wonder at my peeps as they would begin one quilt only to put it aside and begin another one.  That USED to drive me bonkers!  But some where down the line, I have become a real live quilter.  I have my 2 scrap squad quilts, a Christmas mystery quilt, 2 full size quilts, 2 wall hangings and a queen size quilt all in progress.  Yikes!  How did that happen.  No mind you a couple only need binding  and some are half quilted and well, the rest, are just tops. 

Well I did manage to get my #4 Scrap Squad quilt done, start to finish.  (Guess maybe I really didn't have a choice.)  I must have been in the Christmas mood back in July, August and September because not only is my mystery quilt Christmas, but I decided that I should be my Scrap Squad in Christmas also.  Here is my Country Christmas Morning.....

I really love paper piecing, so this was a really fun quilt to do.  And I got to use my Kaleidoscope Kreator program, which is always fun too.  I managed to do some fun free motions quilting, holly leaves AND feathers.  And last but not least, my first mitered border.  The first corner was a disaster!  But after some ripping and resewing, each corner got just a bit easier.

I guess this one and I will be using on my table for Christmas and my not quite finished mystery quilt in Christmas, I am well on my way to some new decorations for Christmas. 

Well enough procrastinating, time to hit the sewing room and try my best to finish something!!