Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remember when you looked forward to your birthday?

Growing up birthdays were always a big deal.  The whole family got together, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles all got together to celebrate.  I would look forward to that for a month before my birthday.  It seems as we get older we no longer have that anticipation for another birthday to come our way. 

My birthday is May 6 and the year is a well guarded secret.  During the time that I owned my flower shop, my birthday always fell the week of Mother's Day.  Have you ever visited a flower shop Mother's Day week?  It's usually pretty crazy.  So I have to admit my birthday became a nonevent.  In fact it would come and go without me really realizing that I turned a year older.  Plus I have to admit that the good genes that I got from my Grandma Grace, I don't look near as old as the calendar says I should be. 

Our Iowa Quilter's group started a birthday group.  This year we exchanged fat quarter's.  You pick out either a color or a theme and everyone in the group sends you a fat quarter for your birthday.  How much fun is it to get 25 envelopes with some of the most delicious fabric in them!!??  This year I picked Asian fabrics for my birthday.  Going to the mail box for the 2 weeks prior to my birthday was such fun.  And then the anticipation for waiting until May 6 was just like when I was a youngster. 

Here are my birthday goodies......

As you can see there are some very tasty fabrics in there.  I think I spent part of my morning mixing and matching my birthday fat quarters.  Even more fun, right??

I have always had a thing for Asian inspired fabric and have been collecting some over the past 2 years.  They have just been waiting for some companions to go in a quilt.  Well today I finished my top.  It still has to be quilted, but I'm waiting to get in my new sewing room to get it quilted.  But thought you might like to see what I have done with my collection and some of my birthday fat quarters.

I decided not to add a border to the top because it would just be too long for our queen bed and I really want to be able to enjoy each and every square on the quilt when it's on our bed.  I really love all the fabric in here and I have enough fabric left from my fat quarters for at least 2 more quilts.

Well guess that I can look forward to another birthday in a little more than 9 months!  Hurray, another birthday!! 

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