Monday, May 21, 2012


I can hardly believe that it was 2 weeks ago today that we started construction on our basement and addition.  If you have ever been through a home remodel or lived in a construction zone, you know what I'm saying when I'm talking about the noise and the dust and dirt.  Since there was only a crawl space under part of our house, there was a bunch of excavating that needed to be done.  But let me tell you how worth it the dust and noise here in the house has been!  In 2 weeks time we have come from this.....
To this............

Pretty impressive considering that there is also a full, brand new basement under our 117 year old home. 

Last night was the first time I was in the basement since the floor was poured on Friday and I got a first hand look at where my new quilting home will be.  Too bad someone didn't have a camera to capture the moment.  I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE HOW GREAT IT WAS!!!  I didn't have my camera with me, but I do have a picture of what it looked like from above on Friday.
Can you believe this is ALL MINE??????  Am I the luckiest person in the world or what?!  So during my visit to my quilt cave last night I found myself laying things out in my head and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Hubby even surprised me a week ago and told me that he was putting a window in there for me.  Now it's below ground, but at least when I'm down there working there will a bit of natural light and I'll know whether it day or night.  You know how it is when you're working on something and next thing you know 3 or 4 hours have passed.

The upstairs will have to be finished before I get to move into my space, but that will give me even more time to decide exactly how I want Nina's new home to be.  I want her to have the nicest room she could possibly have.  She deserves it. 

I'll keep you updated on progress.  Keep your ideas coming!

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