Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kitties and Quilts/Like Peas and Carrots

I am an animal lover.  If it were up to me, I would have a zoo, but my hubby has some say in things around here, so I have learned that we must limit our 4 legged friends around the house.  I grew up with several cats and dogs, much to my father's dismay.  But he couldn't say no to me as I brought several strays home.  As an adult, I have limited our home to the feline variety.  (Even though the neighbors dog thinks she lives here at least part time)  Right now, we ONLY have 3 cats.  My kids have dubbed me the crazy cat lady.

There is a recurring them in some of my quilts........cats!  If it's not cat quilts, it's cat fabric.  There's the quilt that I made for the Dubuque Humane Society Auction.
There's the quilt that I made just because I liked the kitty theme and actually quilted the names of my 4 cats in it.  (Our cat, Mihouse, is now in kitty heaven)

My shadow kitty wall hanging that ended up going to the Dubuque Humane Society also
My paper pieced kitty that you have already seen that I made for myself and the Dubuque Humane Society.
Not to mention the numerous quilts with kitty fabric included in them.  (One reason why I LOVE Laurel Burch fabric.  Bright colors AND cats!)

My cats, Bart, Krusty and Patches, love to curl up in my quilts, finished and in progress.  I have gotten to the point where I must keep my sewing room door shut when I'm not in there working.  Otherwise, they will make a nest in my quilt that I'm working on or dig through the batting and nest in there. 

A few years ago, hubby asked if I would make a quilt that he could use to nap with in command central.  (That would be his recliner!)  I was ever so happy to accommodate a request, I obliged.  So I made him a quilt from the variable star pattern.
Not only only has hubby claimed this quilt for himself, but one of my 4 legged boys, Patches, has also claimed this quilt.  Patch, somehow last summer tore his Achilles tendon and was in a little kitty cast for about a month.  So every night hubby would carry him downstairs and sit in the chair with him and the quilt.  (For a guy who really didn't like cats when we got married, I have converted him!!! )  They would sit for hours while Patches got his rubs for the evening.  I guess that Patch must have enjoyed his nightly rubs, and he has now come to expect it.  But the funny thing is, Patch now looks to see if hubby has the quilt when he is in the chair.  If he doesn't, Patch gives him a look of disdain and goes to the couch.  When hubby gets the quilt, I'll tell Patch that daddy has your blankie, go get your rubs and he immediately runs and jumps in hubby's lap.  Whoever said that animals are dumb and don't know what we say to them, never actually had a cat.  Here is a picture of hubby and Patches for their nightly rub with the quilt.
There's nothing better than a quilt and a tummy rub in Patches opinion!

As I said before, I would have a zoo if hubby would let me.  I wonder what Patch and hubby would say about sharing their quilt with a goat?  Well, may not.  


  1. Love your kitty quilts as well as Patch! My cat loves to "help" me quilt. He likes to sit on it while I free motion quilt! Isn't that nice of him!!

  2. Wow... you've done some wonderful kitty quilts. Love your story ... yep, animals grow on you that is for sure. My two dogs are barking a hi at your cats! I really like the first cat quilt and I'm wondering how I can do something like that for the Springer Spaniel Rescue group I do some stuff for. I'll figure it out eventually. B.