Saturday, December 3, 2011

My first blog!

Welcome to my very first blog!!  I suppose the purpose of this blog is twofold.  The first and foremost is that I am a newly appointed member of Quiltmaker magazines, Scrap Squad and I'll need someplace that everyone can come and check on the progress of my quilts.  The second will be that now I have someplace to post all the questions and ideas that I have rolling around in my head.  My hubby says that I am a fountain of what he calls, useless information.  But, we all have those precious tidbits of past experiences, information and quandries that we deem important and it'll be fun to get some of those things out!
So now, I guess I am really a member of the 21st century with this blog.  I have not come here kicking and screaming, but have meandered here as I do with my quilting and as I have done with all new technology; learn when the need arises!  I remember like it was yesterday, asking my youngest son Corey, when he was 6 years old, to show me how this internet thing works.  That was a lot of years ago. 
Technology is an awesome thing and relates as well to our quilting.  The sewing machine was probably the most revolutionary of technology as relates for our quilting.  Followed by, in my opinion, the rotary cutter and of course the internet.  Stop to think how our mothers and grandmothers would have to actually cut fabric with scissors.  Talk about the "dark ages"!  Hard to believe that the rotary cutter really hasn't been around all that long.  Only since 1979!  I have clothes in my closet that have probably been around longer!!!!  Again, that's technology, even in it's simplest form does make our life better and easier.
Enough rambling for my first blog.  I hope you stop back from time to time and check on the progress of the Scrap Squad once the new group gets started and let me bend your ear with my meanderings!


  1. WooHoo- I am going to be your very FIRST comment, Melzee! Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog's name!! ;^)
    Will come to your blog to visit you often! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

  2. WooHoo, Melzee!! You're famous!

  3. Looking forward to following all your quilting adventures melee! Yours is my 1st blog!

  4. Love this, Melzee. Keep it going!

  5. Glad you have started this blog. Now to remember to come look on a regular basis! And, yeah! on being a Scrap Squad member.